Langue et Culture 2013

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Our Fellowship Experience

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I have been teaching high school French for eight years, and during this time I’ve developed an online teaching collaboration and friendship with an English teacher in Fécamp, France.  Over the years, we’ve coordinated dozens of projects to enrich our students’ foreign language learning experience.  We’ve held live videoconferences, shared video tours of our respective school campuses and school events, judged each other’s student skits and song performances, and more.

Fund for Teachers is making it possible for me to extend my online collaboration beyond the capabilities of the internet and snail mail to physically immerse myself in the culture I have fed upon virtually.  My team member is a long-time friend and fellow French teacher who I hope to assist in demonstrating the immeasurable benefits of an internet classroom exchange.

We will embark on a journey beginning in the south of France and concluding in Normandy, where my French partner teacher lives.  She has arranged for us to reside with relatives who are graciously welcoming us into their homes.  This is the most rewarding, authentic way to experience culture and practice language!

This fellowship experience will impact our teaching and student learning when school resumes in the fall.  First off, enthusiasm for language and culture will prevail!  Our improved fluency and expanded vocabulary will be evident, including current adolescent lingo that our high school students are so interested in.  Planned activities include school visits and meeting with teachers, students, and administrators, where ideas for future projects and collaborations will be born.  Through this self-designed fellowship, we will learn numerous details about many facets of French culture:  education, technology, environmental challenges, families, communities, economy, politics, and more.

We  thank Fund for Teachers and its sponsors who realize these hands-on, self-designed opportunities which deepen our professional development and in turn student learning.  Fund for Teachers grant recipients have so accurately commented, “Equally as valuable as the funds… is the respect and support [these] grants represent.” This team could not agree more.

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Our Fund for Teachers Fellowship Experience

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Two French teachers from Louisiana travel France in pursuit of language perfection, cultural awareness, and establishment of new friendships!



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New friends in Éguilles after yet another wonderful dinner.  They went out of their way to accommodate us even though they had so much going on at the time–sick child, exchange student from Germany, impending departure for India, and more.  Un GRAND merci!


Enjoying time with our family in Ermont

June 12, 2013 by · No Comments · Ermont

Lunch in the back yard.  Quiche (yum!), salad, and for dessert, l’île flottante.  Merci!

Lunch Ermont 1

Lunch Ermont 2


The alligator arrives

June 9, 2013 by · 1 Comment · Normandy


After all the places the alligator has been, this will be his final stop. Now the students at LPD can have him as a mascot, name him, and my students can check in on him. It will be interesting to see how this new feature affects our collaborative project.

From virtual to physical

June 9, 2013 by · 1 Comment · Normandy


I finally got to be physically present in the school and classroom that I’ve seen so many times in video conferences, recorded videos, and photos. It felt like a familiar place and a new place all at the same time. In the background are some of the items Sophie, my partner teacher and friend, has collected throughout the years of our online exchange project.

Lycée Professionnel DesCartes

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Here we are pictured with the assistant principal of the school. Many thanks to her for opening up the building on a weekend!


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A delicious meal and lively conversation!

Welcome sign!

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Our hosts in Ermont, near Paris, greeted us with a familiar sight!

Il fait de la moto!

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Another essential element of French culture is the motorcycle. They’re everywhere! They’re fuel efficient and even more importantly, easily fit into the tiniest parking spaces.

St. Denis Cathedral

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Many French kings and queens have been buried at this site starting in the 7th century, a testament to the fact that the nobility were revered (and revered themselves) as holy and received divine ruling power. (Not proper to set the alligator on the recumbent statues!)

Cathédrale de Saint Denis à Paris

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This 12th century church doesn’t get nearly the publicity as Notre Dame, but it is just as beautiful!